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Scouts N34th Anniversary

Celebrating the 34th Anniversary of Scouts GSTerepaima fulfilling one of the 17 global objectives, protecting the world through recycling when it comes to the environment in children and young people, teaching recycling and promoting respect for nature is a bet with guaranteed winnings and multiplier effects. A gratifying meeting where they talked about the importance of recycling and its impact on our environment, consolidating good environmental practices among its members.


Radio programm “Todo un Poco”.

Interview with the Venyrecicla Foundation President, in the "Todo un Poco Program" with the presenter, Sugueidy Asuaje, talking about the benefits it has for the environment, recycling containers and plastic bottles, doing it the right way, promoting good ecological and environmental practices in saving natural resources.

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-29 at 9.16.02 PM.

Collection points tour

Recycling Tour in the Schools, by remembering to take the plastic containers and lids to the institutions on Tuesdays where it will be removed by the Foundation. Reinforcing in a fun way in the little boys and girls, the importance of separating and recycling and interacting with them about the possible actions we can take to maintain a clean and pleasant environment.


Evento que realiza nuestros aliados de la "Fundación Peludos al Rescate", cada año para ayudar a los animales en condición de calle, donde tuvimos el honor de participar en el Staff de patrocinantes, donde se recolectaron tapas y envases plásticos. 

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