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About us?

Created in 2011, it is based on a program of the Empresa Venezolana de Reciclaje, C.A. (Venrecicla) In addition to having an alliance with the company ensuring  what is collected in the foundation has a true final disposal and reinsertion of what is recycled as a secondary raw material.

Overall Objective:

Ven y Recicla Foundation is a non-profit NGO dedicated to support educational institutions of all levels by embracing communities - organizations through education, awareness and entrepreneurship models for the recovery of plastic waste destined for recycling, decreasing exponentially plastic waste in landfills, oceans and rivers. We join the global circular economy movement, in order to raise awareness about environmental problems and minimize the negative impact on our environment and on ecosystems.


Specific objectives:

1.-Educational Institutions

     Promote the culture of recycling through a program of awareness and environmental education, creating gathering centers in educational institutions at all levels, incorporating public schools, private schools, academic universities and technical training centers.

 2.-Communities and organizations in general

      Promote alliances to reduce the negative environmental impact through recycling and give solutions based on the circular economy jointly with communities and other foundations, public and private organizations, national and international entities.

3- Ocean plastics

      At Venyrecicla Foundation we are conscious of the importance of keeping our rivers and beaches plastic free.

The oceans cover more than 70% of the planet's surface, only 1% of the ocean surface is protected.

Why plastic bottles and caps?

We chose this waste because according to published statistics by the NGO Vitalis, in our country only 2% of plastic is recycled in general and about 15% of the more than 1,000,000,000 plastic bottles that are placed in the Venezuelan market every year (Data provided by Venrecicla, CA), leaving a significant amount of this waste polluting our environment.


"I am interested in the future because it is the place where I am going to spend the rest of my life."  

Woody Allen

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